Sunday, 12 March 2023

Flash Fic Challenge: A Fine Match

 A Fine Match

It was a cold, blustery, day when the rival local teams were scheduled for a football match, but the stands were crowded with fans of both sides.

An older teenager accosted a slightly younger teen on his way up the steps. "Heyyy, why so glum, my friend? You'll get stuck looking like that if you aren't careful."

The younger teen sighed. "Rosamund broke up with me," he said. "I'll never be happy or in love again." He launched into a regretful torrent of words about how lovely his ex was, and how much he still loved her, even as the older teen pulled him over to join their group of friends. One of the friends had brought a thermos flask full of tea and was passing out cups to the rest, to help keep their hands warm.

Another commiserated with the younger teen over the breakup and tried to cheer him up.

A third threw an arm across the teen's shoulders. "Rosamund doesn't know what she's missing," he said cheerfully. "You know, Romeo, there's a dance tomorrow night. Why don't you come along, take your mind off things?"

Romeo nudged the latter back. "Oh, very well. As long as you don't expect me to fall for any of the girls there." He straightened as the players began to emerge. "Anyhow, we can talk later. Match is starting."

"Of course," his older friend replied, grinning and confident with all the extra experience of a few more years. "It'll be fine, you'll see."

And with that, they turned to watch the match.

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Jeff Baker said...

Oh, that is sooooooooo good!