Monday, 18 July 2022

Flash Fic Challenge: Medicinal Compounds

 Medicinal Compounds

The asteroid mining stations were always pleased when the Pink Pie Tin docked at one of them with her regular load of medicines and other supplies. Not only was it a pleasure to know that they weren't going to run short of anything, as well as to see a new, if familiar face in the ship's captain, but the ship's unofficial cargo load included news and tall tales. Information and entertainment in one, and the captain always told them well.

On this occasion, though, the tale telling (a tall one, surely no one could fly by flapping their ears, even in asteroid-level gravity) was interrupted by two youngsters making a dash for the port, one dragging the other by the hand, and both looking over their shoulders in a way that suggested pursuit.

"They say," the dragger panted, "that you'll let people ship out with you - for a price."

The captain only looked amused. "They told you true. What's your price?"

"We want," the one being dragged whispered, still looking fearfully over one shoulder, "to escape. We... can tell a tale you won't believe. But not here."

"We'll discuss it on board then." The captain made her excuses to the crowd and led them through the lock into the ship itself. Once they reached a cabin, she reached down a pair of tiny vials. "Drink that, it's medicinal." After a moment, she added, "And you'd best call me Lily."

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Jeff Baker said...

Robert Louis Stevenson would be proud! Love it!