Friday, 10 June 2022

Flash Fic Challenge: Returned With Interest

 Returned With Interest

Tom kicked a pebble ahead of him as the two young men trudged down the country road.

Beside him, Ray reached out and they tangled their fingers together. "Only one more day of walking and then we'll see what the next town is like."

"Hope it's better than the last one," Tom kicked viciously at the pebble, which shot off the road into the hedge. He brightened as the evening camp site came into view ahead of them. "Hey, we made good time! Want to clean up a bit?"


When they reached the campsite, Ray set up the tent while Tom hauled buckets of water from the well. It would have to be a cold wash, but in the heat and dust of the summer day, that was more pleasure than hardship.

Tom had just shucked his travel-stained shirt and was reaching for a cloth, when a sopping wet sponge hit him in the back. He yelped and turned to see Ray there, also shirtless. Snatching up the sponge and re-wetting it, Tom took off after his lover.

Some things deserved to be returned with interest.

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Jeff Baker said...

Oh, that's sweet! I love your stories!