Sunday, 11 September 2022

Flash Fic Challenge: Dog, Dog, Goose

 Dog, Dog, Goose

I'm the top of a pile of books

Sitting on a stall.

Looking for a buyer.

Sitting very tall.

I'm fond of my first owner,

Who read me, through and through,

But now will pass me on,

If they can find-- Hey! Shoo!

A goose has grabbed my cover.

I'm trailing in the dust.

I'll make you let me go!

I'll do whatever I must!

I snap and clap my pages

Until the beak lets go.

And then I get a short reprieve.

It's quiet down-- Oh No!

A dog has caught me by the spine.

It's running through the Fair.

I really want my reader back.

Oh where, oh where, oh where?

A tether reels in the running dog.

I'm back in human hands.

I shudder all my pages

And wonder where I'll land.

1 comment:

Jeff Baker said...

Oh, that's fun! Thank you! I'll put all (so far, that means "both") our posts together later today!