Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Flash Fic Challenge: Loving Lines

 Loving Lines

"Can I draw you?" Steph asked.

Callie turned and looked back over her shoulder. "Here?" she asked incredulously, indicating the footpath that ran along the edge of the field.

"Well..." Steph hesitated. "Just a sketch? The light's nice here."

Callie sighed and then shrugged with amused resignation. "Very well, as you wish. How do you want me?"

Any way I can have you, Steph thought but didn't say out loud, only asking Callie to stand so that the sun caught and highlighted her hair and face.

Callie struck a teasing, dramatic, pose, then settled into something more comfortable to hold.

Steph drew quickly, wielding her preferred fountain pen in swift, sure, loving strokes to bring Callie to life on the page. Details, like love confessions, would have to wait.