Sunday, 11 July 2021

Flash Fic Challenge: Not to be Sniffed At

 Not to be Sniffed At

I opened the trunk of the clown's car and a large flower popped up asking me to smell it. I held my washcloth up at its smelling range instead, and the flower obligingly squirted water onto it. That gave me a headstart on washing the custard off the outside of the car and popping the expandable sides back into place.

Inside, they'd somehow managed to avoid getting actual custard on it for once, so I just hooked up the vacuum cleaner, hoovered up the pastry crumbs, and gave it a standard valet, catching the squirt of milk from the horn in a glass out of weekly habit and practice, and drinking it.

You get used to the pranks when you encounter them every week, and as for money...

Well, at least the pay isn't a joke.

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